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What we've been doing

Over the last year we have been storing tools that have been given to us or we no longer require, as John had found out about  a wood importer who sends out not required tools to Mozambique from where he obtains his wood.

Thursday morning I, Ian John and Peter loaded up two vehicles with the tools we had required over the last year and took them to Lambourn to Rob Wilson of Dalmann Hardwood. On arrival we were all taken aback with size of the warehouse and its contents. There are racks upon racks of high quality hardwood that we did not know all the names of, and planks of wood that you only find in high end designer homes. Rob gave us a tour of the warehouse  explaining how they source the sustainable trees and they plant twenty trees for every tree felled.


He showed us Black Wood that is used to make Bagpipes, Clarinets, Oboes and Flutes etc:  The wood available is a wood turner and wood workers dream, the wood is only available to retailers like Stiles & Bates and Turners Retreat etc; Rob gave us few samples of wood that we can use to make Bowls & Pens the value being over a hundred pounds.


We unloaded our tools and you could see by Rob’s body language he was overwhelmed by the tools we had given. Dave Grimes large lathe was especially received with words "this is gold dust to the workers” it is just what they want. Stuart Grace's wooden lathe is going to be displayed in their museum to show how they lathed in the past. He sends all the tools he has acquired over the year in a large container, with a downside it costs £4,000 a container. All in all it was a very worthwhile visit and knowing our tools were going to be refurbished and used. Have a look at the web site  to see the operation in Mozambique.

Over the Christmas holiday 2022/2023 we restored the St Leonard's Centre noticeboard which had originally been made in 1936/1937 as an apprentice carpenter piece by Don Garrett. In July 2023 we strengthened the roof.

New roof.jpeg

During the summer of 2022 we completed the restoration and re-installed the Parish Notice Board at the Pond.


It took six weeks to complete and special thanks should go to Peter Fea who spent hours sanding down the board, also fracturing his big toe in the process.


I have already received from Oakley Ad Hoc special thanks for doing an excellent job. Ad Hoc are paying for the refurbishment. Eric Askew Chairman

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