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Mason Bees cannot isolate

At Oakley Junior School they have a wildlife garden that has become overgrown. In January 2020 Oakley Men’s Shed members and teachers cut back the shrubs and dug over the garden.

It was then decided to make the garden into a Bee friendly garden.


A Beehive with a Hedgehog house at the base of the Bee Hive was incorporated into the structure.

An information board was constructed about the life and benefit of solitary bees and this was installed early March

Oakley Men’s Shed contacted who they have had previous dealings with.


They agreed to provide Mason Bee releasing boxes Nesting tubes and 40 Cocoons when they became available to the school.


They also on the 2nd March gave a talk on solitary bees to all the children at the school.

Later in March all the equipment and 40 cocoons arrived.


After a discussion with the school it was agreed to install everything on Tuesday morning as (Mason Bees cannot isolate).


A few key worker children and teachers attended a short presentation from Eric, then watched the installation from a distance of 3 metres.

It is a great shame the children will not be able to see the Mason Bees hatch out and return to the nesting tubes to lay their eggs with Pollen alongside to feed the emerging Bees.


In September we will collect up the filled tubes with next year bees and send them back to Mason for them to send more Cocoons next year.

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