Pearly Gates?


It has been a year since 'Saint' Peter started to make the gates going into the compound at the Scout & Guide Premises.


At the end of March five Men’s Shed members, led by the gate designer himself, removed the old gates and fitted the new ones that Peter had made and Paul had painted.

The posts were the most challenging issue but with five members advising every problem was solved.


Thanks to all who helped but especially to Peter. 


This development will mean that we can considerably extend the outdoor space we can use.

Hopped it quick!

Wooden Flower Bunny.jpeg

It took less than a week to sell all of the Wooden Flower Bunny's that were made by Shed members for Mother's Day/Easter Day.


How popular they proved to be was shown by the number of repeat orders that we took.

On the horizon are an improved design of reindeer for this Christmas.

Popular Paint Job

Dec the Bunny.jpeg


Mondays 10.00am-1.00pm



Men's Shed 6 Jan 2021.jpeg

Wednesday  Morning Zoom time will continue.

Want to join in?

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A surprising amount of activity happens at Oakley Men's Shed!

Phone box.jpeg

Painting Wootton (phone box) red. This box has become Wootton St Lawrence's free library.

Our first Decorate the Bunny Competition for Infant and Junior school children proved very popular with ninety bunnies sold.

The contestants had to decorate their wooden bunnies and then get their mums or dads to send in a photograph of their completed design and very imaginative they were! (See below)

The prizes were delivered before Easter with every entrant getting something edible.

Bunny 1.jpeg
Bunny 2.jpeg
Bunny 3.jpeg
Charlotte Guy Inf.jpeg
Declan O'Connell. Inf.jpeg
Alexander Clarke Infant.jpeg
Ava Reddy Inf.jpeg
Bunny 4.jpeg
Bunny 5.jpeg
Charlotte Guy.jpeg
Lily O'Connell. Jun.jpeg
Florence Clarke Junior.jpeg
Amelie Reddy Jun.jpeg