Lockdown Time

Here's how we're spending our lockdown time. 

We'd be delighted to hear what other Oakley Shed members are  doing and to feature it here!

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Stay safe.

John G has been busy making these very attractive bowls from sycamore wood and then decorated

When he's not been sending funny YouTube clips Eric has been busy erecting homes for bees at Oakley Junior School

Eric comments: The good news is that  I managed to install the Bee release boxes and nesting boxes at the school and put the 40 Cocoons into the release boxes.

Graeme's been playing trains. He comments: I began to wonder why my grandson's were FaceTiming me so often and then I realised that they wanted to watch the trains not me.

Two more bowls, oak and apple, from John G

Eric using a lathe in his garage with Coronavirus & Lathe visor for protection.

John's been busy again! Either that's a very small blue and white pottery mug or the wooden one on the left is humungous!

First view of THE product for 2020 - the return of Spiny Norman courtesy of John

OK competition time . . .

Guess who made the following trinket

And then did a bit of glass blowing!!

Followed by all this . . .

Meanwhile, Eric completed turning his pen collection

Peter made a pair of stout gates for the Centre

And Graeme's trains developed a  social conscience

Instead of the more usual Oakley Show in this Covid 19 year the Oakley Show 2.0 involved front garden stands. Our stand shown above in Eric's photo was in front of the Scout Centre and proved to be encouragingly successful

Denis was busy with catching up on work around the house

Denis repaired ironing board flex deflector

Denis strengthened the Star of David for Oakley Mehodist Chapel

Denis resolved his tv reception issues

Denis repaired this underbid drawer unit

Denis constructed a DVD recorder draw unit

Denis repaired the faulty switch on his chain saw

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